Any good perl or FreeBSD books?


I'm starting to learn perl, and I've found the perldoc intro/tutorial stuff to be pretty useful, but I'd like to get a good printed book or two to read through and use as a reference.

Similarly, while I'd say I'm pretty *NIX savvy, I'm not too familiar with some BSD-isms, particularly where they differ from Linux. Are there any good books out there to help with the transition from Linux to FreeBSD? (No, I'm not abandoning Linux... it's just that my current employer used FreeBSD for many things.)

Any suggestions?


IMO, you can't go wrong with the O'Reilly series for when it comes to perl books. With that to say the FreeBSD handbook is probably the best resource out there, and they do publish it into hardcopy form. I read absolute Openbsd recently. I Know it's not Freebsd, but it was written well, and they have a copy for FreeBSD as well.

I been hearing good things about Building a Server with FreeBSD 7 too.

I concur with gregf, you can't go wrong with O'Reilly. I would also suggest that you get a good regexp book (O'Reilly publishes one) as Perl grammar isn't too complicated, but it's the integration with regular expressions that makes it really powerful. You can't really program perl without a solid grasp of regexp.

My 2c.