Open Source Projects

I’ve contributed to a number of open source projects over the years. You can find a fairly full listing on Black Duck Open Hub (formerly A few sample projects:

  • Paludis - a multi-format package manager
  • Exherbo Linux - source based Linux distribution
  • SSHFS - a filesystem based on the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) (commits).

School Projects

A few sample projects from school:

  • Freelancer Billing System - An invoicing and billing system for a freelancer. Final project for a Database Management class (INFSCI 2710).
  • Hardware Purchasing Decision System - a simple system for estimating the “true cost” of buying a piece of hardware, using ratings from sites like newegg as a proxy for reliability. Final project for a Decision Analysis and Decision Support Systems class (INFSCI 2130).
  • Tanks - A demo of a “tanks” game, for an Interactive Graphics class (INFSCI 2780)