I’m currently working on 2 new ruby scripts based upon paludis’ ruby bindings: grex and playman.

Grex is going to ultimately do all the things that herdstat can. For now, it just lists who maintains a given package (maintainers and herds) and, optionally, lists the members of each herd. This script requires you to have a recent -scm version of paludis installed with the ruby USE flag enabled.

Playman is a layman replacement for paludis. It works on the same layman-global.txt file that layman does. Right now it is able to list overlays and add them. It can still probably use a little cleaning up, but I think those are the main important features. This script requires you to have paludis installed with the ruby USE flag enabled. I think it should work with version 0.14.3, but I’ve only tested it with the latest -scm version.

So, feel free to try them out, but be sure to back up your configs before you play around with playman too much. Grex should be quite safe to play with, it’s just rather lacking in features for the moment.

Update: Fixed the links above.

Update 2: Playman is now installed as part of paludis when built with USE=“ruby”. Look for it in /usr/share/paludis/ruby/demos/playman.rb

Update 3: Fixed links, again.

Update 4: Fixed links yet again.