So, some people seem to have gotten all in a tizzy about Exherbo. While I don’t personally think the wording on the front page is necessarily the best, here’s the deal:

  • We don’t hate you. We just know we don’t quite have something ready for general use. Rather than deal with many users wanting to try out something that most likely will not work for them, we have attempted to dissuade people from trying Exherbo until we think it’s ready for them to.
    • “Then why announce it?” Because Bryan is going to discuss it at an upcoming conference, so we decided we should have some sort of web page up. We didn’t put it up on Slashdot, though.
  • This isn’t Ciaran’s brainchild. It’s Bryan Ƙstergaard’s (aka kloeri). Yes, Ciaran is involved in the project, along with a number of other former Gentoo developers, but he isn’t the “lead” (though I don’t think we really formal roles at this point).
  • “Why don’t you use…?” We’ve already looked at many existing projects to fill some of the spots we’ve decided to fill ourselves instead. For example, we took a look at upstart, Gentoo’s baselayout 1.x, openrc, etc. However, none of them seemed to do quite what we wanted. That’s why we’re working on projects like genesis, why we’re writing our package tree from scratch, and using our own package format.

So, I hope this helps to clarify things for some people who still seem to be confused as to what Exherbo is all about.

Update: fix links.